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Application Security

Your applications are essential components that drive your business forward. However, they also pose unique security challenges that require robust protection to safeguard sensitive data and maintain operational integrity. At Acen, we provide comprehensive Application Security solutions designed to identify, assess, and mitigate risks throughout the application lifecycle, ensuring the robust security and resilience of your critical software assets.

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Application Security Assessments: Identifying Vulnerabilities

Acen’s Application Security Assessments provide a thorough examination of your applications, identifying potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors. Our expert team conducts comprehensive assessments, including manual code reviews, automated scanning, and penetration testing, to uncover security flaws and provide actionable recommendations for remediation.

Building Security from the Ground Up

At Acen, we emphasize the importance of building security into the development process. Our DevOps Security services help organizations establish secure coding practices and integrate security controls at every stage of the application lifecycle. By adopting a proactive approach to application security, we enable you to create robust and resilient software that is resistant to attacks and vulnerabilities.

Specific Services

At Acen, we offer a range of specialized services that complement our comprehensive security offerings. These subservices are designed to address specific security challenges and provide targeted solutions to enhance the protection and resilience of your applications.

DDoS Protection

Safeguard your systems and applications against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks with Acen's robust DDoS protection solutions, ensuring uninterrupted availability and mitigating the impact of malicious traffic.

DevOps Security

Ensure secure and seamless integration of security practices into your DevOps processes with Acen's DevOps Security solutions, enabling organizations to adopt a proactive security approach throughout the software development lifecycle.


Uncover vulnerabilities and assess the security posture of your systems and applications with Acen's comprehensive penetration testing services, providing valuable insights to enhance your overall security defenses and mitigate potential risks.

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We offer Application Security-services through these partners:
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Acen is an Advanced Partner and Marketing partner of the year with CyberArk, allowing us to provide our clients with the industry-leading PAM solutions that are designed to protect privileged accounts from cyber threats.

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Delinea Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a solution designed to secure privileged access and prevent data breaches caused by unauthorized access to sensitive information. It enables organizations to manage and monitor privileged accounts, as well as control and record privileged access to critical systems and applications.

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