IS4U and NYNOX achieve ISO27001 Certification

IS4U recently achieves ISO 27001 certification. ISO what? This certification enables us to demonstrate that our business processes ensure that our customers’, employees’ and partners’ data are all in safe hands. Something that is clearly key to an information security company like IS4U.

This certification goes beyond the commonly applied GDPR regulation and in order to acquire it the organisation has to set up, evaluate and continuously improve an effective Information Security Management System. The objective: to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all data within your organisation.

Under the banner of ‘lead by example’, we want to send out the right signals to our customers. They entrust us with their security issues and trust that we, for our part, will reduce all the risks to the absolute minimum. This international certification is also a perfect complement to our growth strategy.

Acquiring this certification is not something that can be taken for granted but thanks to the commitment and know-how of the whole team, we have managed to accomplish it. We are especially proud of the fact that we have passed this procedure with flying colours

Wouter Decruy, Managing Partner at IS4U

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