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ACEN acer – Jeroen Hufkens

ACEN Acer - Alexander van Gils

ACEN acer – Alexander van Gils

Being a Cybersecurity Consultant at Nynox, part of the ACEN group, has been quite...

ACEN Acer - Jeffrey Van Vyve

ACEN acer – Jeffrey Van Vyve

Greetings! I’m Jeffrey, Chief Revenue Officer at the ACEN group. Today, I’d like to...

ACEN Acer - Cindy Van den Hoecke

ACEN acer – Cindy Van den Hoecke

Hello there! I’m Cindy, part of the ACEN group- team and responsible for everything...
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UZ Leuven counts on Nynox to protect sensitive patient data

The core business of UZ Leuven is taking care of its patients. While doctors...

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Creating a golden record for an accurate view of customers

In today’s digital age, businesses must strive to provide seamless, personalized experiences to their...

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Faster, cheaper, innovative and flexible ICT solutions that enable personalized e-services…

A unique city also wants to be the best in the digital world. That...

How IS4U streamlined and secured the registration for UZ Brussel’s PrimUZ Patient Portal

girl with open arms

IS4U was selected by Sciensano to work out the analysis, architecture and implementation of a complete access management solution.

Sciensano is a federal research institute and the national public health institute of Belgium....

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How IS4U Helped AZ Herentals Improve Security and User Convenience in the Hospital.

The healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth in the past decade with an increased...


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