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IS4U logo
IS4U is the IAM competence center of the Cronos Group and has over 15 years of experience in the IAM field and has a long track record of successful IDM/AM/IGA implementations.
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Identity Governance
  • Privileged Account Management
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Single Sign-On
Identit logo
IdentIT’s mission is to provide expertise in IAM to help their customers deepen the relationships with their consumers and improve the productivity and connectivity.
  • Consumer Identity & Access Management
ActWise is the partner of choice for securing your identities and protecting what matters most within your company.
  • Privileged Management
  • Access Management
  • DevSecOps
  • Identity Security
Orlox focuses on Identity & Access Management, endpoint & messaging security, infrastructure services, and data protection.
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Endpoint & Messaging Security
  • Infrastructure services
  • Data protection
Nynox offers solutions for SOC, SIEM, Vulnerability Management and Endpoint Protection.
  • Incident Response
  • Security Advisory
  • Managed Security
  • Security Monitoring

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Our Partners & Vendors

Cyberark logo


Acen is an Advanced Partner and Marketing partner of the year with CyberArk, allowing us to provide our clients with the industry-leading PAM solutions that are designed to protect privileged accounts from cyber threats.

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Delinea logo


Delinea Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a solution designed to secure privileged access and prevent data breaches caused by unauthorized access to sensitive information. It enables organizations to manage and monitor privileged accounts, as well as control and record privileged access to critical systems and applications.

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Forgerock logo


A provider of digital identity management solutions, enabling businesses to securely manage and control access to their applications and systems.

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Google Chonicle logo

Google Chronicle (SIEM, SOAR)

As a Google partner, we use Chronicle to provide our clients with a cloud-native SIEM and SOAR platform that delivers advanced threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities.

To Google Chronicle (SIEM, SOAR)'s website

IBM Security

IBM Security is a robust cybersecurity platform that offers a suite of solutions and services to help organizations protect their digital assets, detect and respond to threats, and secure their data and infrastructure. It encompasses a wide range of tools and technologies for comprehensive security management.

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Imprivata logo


As an Imprivata Premier Partner (highest level), Acen provides expert assistance in OneSign ESSO solutions to enable organizations to securely access their sensitive information.

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Service Partner


Infosentry is a team of experts in information security, privacy and other GRC domains. We guide organizations seeking to control their cyber risks, increase maturity and/or remain compliant with international standards and changing laws and regulations.

  • Security audits and roadmaps
  • ISO27001, GDPR and NIS2 compliance
  • Security program management
  • CISOaaS and DPOaaS
To Infosentry's website
keycloak logo


Acen provides expert assistance in Keycloak’s Access Management (AM) solutions to ensure clients have secure and easy-to-use access management.

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Microsoft security logo


Microsoft security refers to a comprehensive set of software, services, and solutions developed by Microsoft to protect users, devices, data, and infrastructure from various security threats and vulnerabilities. All products are developed to enhance your cybersecurity and Microsoft’s ecosystem.

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Mimecast logo


As a certified partner, we work with Mimecast to provide our clients with a comprehensive email security platform that helps them defend against advanced threats, data loss, and downtime.

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logo munitio


Munitio SAGA® is an innovative Cyber Threat Intelligence & Digital Risk Protection platform that automates monitoring of the surface-, deep, and dark web, to protect companies, organizations, or individuals who are potential targets of fraud or cybercrime.

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Ping Identity

Ping lets enterprises combine their best-in-class identity solutions with third-party services they already use to remove passwords, prevent fraud, support Zero Trust, or anything in between.

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riot logo


Riot works with Acen to help companies improve their security awareness and build a culture of security within their organizations.

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Savuynt logo in blue


Saviynt is a leading provider of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions. As a preferred partner, we work closely together to deliver tailored and effective identity solutions to our clients.

To Saviynt's website
SentinelOne logo


As a Silver Partner and Strategic Partner, Acen partners with SentinelOne to provide cutting-edge Endpoint Protection solutions that detect, prevent, and respond to threats across all endpoints.

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Silverfort logo


Acen provides advanced ITDR solutions through Silverfort to help organizations detect and respond to cyber threats.

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Tenable logo


As a Silver Partner, Acen provides advanced Vulnerability Management solutions through Tenable, empowering organizations to identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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Thales logo


Thales provides Acen with MFA solutions that help protect users’ identities and secure access to critical systems and data.

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Service Partner

The Security Factory

The Security Factory is specialized in offensive security. Mainly focused on penetration testing of applications and network environments and also providing security awareness by means of social engineering, live hacking demos and phishing simulations. Let our hackers test your environment before someone else does!

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Usercube logo


As an implementation and reseller partner, we work with Usercube to provide our clients with an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution that helps them manage identity lifecycle, access control, and compliance.

To Usercube's website
vectra-ai logo


Vectra’s AI-driven network detection and response platform to provides comprehensive threat visibility and response to our clients.

To Vectra's website
VEEAM logo


VEEAM is a key partner of Acen, offering reliable backup solutions that help protect organizations’ critical data from data loss and cyber attacks.

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Wasabi logo


Wasabi delivers secure and cost-effective cloud storage solutions that enable organizations to securely store and access their data from anywhere.

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