Full throttle with the CCB’s CyberFundamentals Framework

At ACEN, we understand the ever-present threat of cyberattacks. When following the latest news it’s clear these threats will not vanish into thin air in the near future. But there’s hope… for businesses in Belgium, there’s a powerful weapon in our arsenal: the CyberFundamentals Framework from the Centrum for Cybersecurity België (CCB).

We, at ACEN, love to think about cybersecurity as a car (your business) navigating and driving through the digital world. Just like any car trip, ensuring a smooth and pleasant ride requires a few things. So to enforce a compliant cybersecurity strategy and posture we rely on the CyberFundamentals Framework, created by the CCB.

The approach to CyberFundamentals

Think of CyberFundamentals Framework as a security shield, built on the following five core pillars:

  1. Identify your assets: We start by mapping your IT landscape, pinpointing sensitive data and vulnerabilities.
  2. Proactive protection: Firewalls, access controls, and consistent software updates – these are the cornerstones of a robust defense. ACEN can help you implement these essential measures.
  3. Early detection systems: Our experts can design and deploy intrusion detection systems to identify suspicious activity before it becomes a full-blown attack. 
  4. Incident response plan: When a breach occurs, having a defined response plan minimizes damage and downtime. ACEN can craft a customized plan for your organization. 
  5. Swift recovery: The final step is getting your systems back online, stronger and more resilient. ACEN can guide you through the recovery process and identify areas for improvement. 

Benefits of a CyberFundamentals Mindset ​

By embracing CyberFundamentals, you gain a strategic advantage:

Reduced attack surface:

A strong defense discourages attackers, making you a less attractive target.

Data security fortress:

Your sensitive information is shielded with a multi-layered approach, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Client confidence boost:

Demonstrating a commitment to cybersecurity builds trust with clients and partners, fostering stronger relationships.

Business continuity:

A well-defined response plan ensures a swift recovery from cyber incidents, reducing financial losses and operational disruptions.

Are you ready to take the driver’s seat?

ACEN is happy to be your co-pilot!
Get in contact with William, our cybersecurity advisor, for all your questions or to get started!

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