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Being a Cybersecurity Consultant at Nynox, part of the ACEN group, has been quite the adventure. From monitoring the environments of customers and confronting cyber incidents to developing strong communication skills in difficult situations, let’s look at the daily life of a cybersecurity professional.

Daily Cybersecurity Challenges

I’ve been a Security Consultant at IS4U (part of the ACEN group) since 2021 so I can give my fair share of experiences. My role involves fine tuning the IT-security of my clients. The goal is to improve my clients’ cybersecurity while taking their own resources into consideration. 

In addition to that, I’m also monitoring customers’ infrastructure. Let me give you an example: do you remember the hacking that happened to the city of Antwerp? My job is to prevent that from happening. When it happens, my job is to check what exactly was impacted and then to write a detailed report on the breach.

ACEN Acer - Alexander van Gils

It’s hard to talk about ‘a typical day at work’, because every day is so different. With a focus on continuous improvement, our team provides 24/7 monitoring services and conducts research to enhance cybersecurity measures. No matter what, our main goal is to improve services.

Navigating the shadows​

First and most importantly, I am a SOC analyst. SOC analysts are partly responsible for an organization’s IT infrastructure. This means that I make sure we detect any potential breaches and close any holes in your security before anything can go wrong. It’s important to work closely with the customer’s IT team for this. To make sure we get it right. Properly understanding their IT environment ensures we can monitor and detect everything better. 

Talking about hackers and hacking, I’m also busy with threat intelligence and making sure we stay up to date with the latest developments in the cybersecurity space. Besides this, I am also responsible for SentinelOne, one of the, if not the, best security AI platform. Here we provide direct protection on the endpoint level of the customer’s environments. We also mitigate vulnerabilities via the use of Tenable, a very handy and insightful solution.

From Job Fair to IT-security Mastery​​

I got in touch with IS4U (part of the ACEN group) during a digital job fair that was organized by my school, Thomas More, where I studied information management. IS4U immediately caught my attention so I left my resume. After a couple of interviews with multiple companies, IS4U turned out to be my match made in heaven. 

After signing my contract, I had the opportunity to start at Nynox, which is also part of the ACEN group. ACEN organizes a Cybersecurity  Masterclass for young graduates  and I had the chance to attend. It’s a 5-week track where you will get a deep dive into technical courses on the technologies ACEN implements at customers, combined with soft skill training. Let me give you some examples: what is Identity and Access Management, what is an active directory, details about firewalls, and much more. 

The ACEN way of life

Luckily, the vibe at ACEN isn’t dark at all! 😅 I know it seems like I’m repeating all of the others but the vibes are just right. People are important here. It is understood that, should things take a turn for the worse for personal reasons, it’s okay. 

The collegial freedom you have to do your own thing, within the limits of ‘improving the service’ is for me personally one of the biggest reasons I’m happy here. Of course, there is a ‘competition’ between us colleagues but it’s a healthy one. We’re not stabbing each other in the back, we’re a team and we want to be the best.

You don’t just become a team one day, you have to put in the effort. I’ll never forget the teambuilding for the 15th anniversary of IS4U (part of the ACEN group), a one week trip to Tenerife. Work hard, play hard they say? Yes, that’s exactly what we do! Whether it’s a trip to go skiing or it’s our annual barbecue in September or a pizza Friday, you name it.

Our vision for BeNeLux Leadership​​​

The future can’t be predicted, but I believe it’s bright. I believe that ACEN will triple in numbers of employees and I hope that we’ll become one of the biggest players in the BeNeLux regarding Identity & Access Management and IT-security. 

It’s about seizing opportunities and I think that’s exactly what we stand for here at ACEN.

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