ACEN acer – Jeroen Hufkens

Nice to meet you! I’m Jeroen, a security expert at IdentIT. We’re also part of the ACEN Group and we are focused on (Customer) Identity and Access Management (CIAM). I’ve been part of the group since the very beginning and started out as an intern here. Let me guide you through my personal journey as a team member at ACEN!

Finding his own IdentIT

I started my career in 2017 after I finished my studies in applied computer science with a specialization in system and network management. Back then, I did an internship at IS4U (part of the ACEN Group). After finishing my internship, I started at the ForgeRock-team. 

When 2020 came around the corner, we started our own ‘IdentIT’, a competence center within the ACEN group. I joined that adventure and started as an implementer of ForgeRock solutions. 

ACEN Acer - Jeroen Hufkens
Later on, I focused on extending ForgeRock’s solution based on customer’s needs in Java and eventually, I became an CIAM analyst. Where I focused on transforming the ‘business’ into use cases for our developers, while giving them the support they needed. I was the project lead for a few years, it was quite the adventure!

Right now, I am an Identity and Access Management (IAM) Specialist, more specifically a Customer Identity and Access Management Specialist and I’m also part of the IdentIT academy team. This means I’m also involved in the guidance of interns and starters, their (technical) follow up.

Teambuildings or team builders?

I’m most proud of being part of the academy team at IdentIT. We do the initial interview with the potential intern to see if there’s a match: what do you want to do? In what internship are you interested? Are you interested in IAM and CIAM in general? These are important questions because our field is so niche, we really want people who have a genuine interest in the topic.

Other than that, I guide the internship on a technical level. There’s a weekly follow-up so an intern doesn’t feel left behind.

ACEN Acer - Jeroen Hufkens-2

Leave no men (or woman) behind! That’s an important motto here at IdentIT. The same goes for starters, we help them get settled on their first day, we provide them with the needed materials, we create an initial training plan, … This is also followed by a weekly follow-up and an one on one talk after a few months. It’s not an evaluation, it’s more to see if they’re happy with how things are going.

That’s one of my strengths, I want everyone to feel good in our team. I know what it’s like to not have that feeling, so it’s extra important to me. If it means I can do something to help our starters or interns with making them feel like they’re part of the team, great.

If we look at the ‘most proud’-topic from a technical perspective, then I’d say a project I did for a customer that revolved around GDPR. I helped set it up from scratch and I’m very proud of what we did because it was not a simple project!


Racing towards success​​

Being a ‘people-person’, I think the vibe in a team is very important. Luckily that’s the case for IdentIT and the ACEN group. We try to get together on a regular basis even though we’re consultants which means we’re often working at our clients. We have a ‘get together’ day every 2 weeks where we have lunch together.

We also try to do some activities outside the office hours like a fun afterwork. The good vibes could have something to do with the fact that our Managing Partners act like colleagues. This also makes it easier for me to try to persuade students to come do their internship with us! I speak passionately about IdentIT and ACEN because it’s the truth.

Vision for the future

Looking at the future of ACEN, I’m sure we’re set for growth in the following years. I know where we came from, I’ve been here quite some time. Good times, bad times, I’ve been through them all. I’m happy that we’re now growing in a healthy way. Continuing to grow and maintaining stability, those are my hopes for the future.

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