Full throttle with the CCB’s CyberFundamentals Framework

At ACEN, we understand the ever-present threat of cyberattacks. When following the latest news it’s clear these threats will not vanish into thin air in the near future. But there’s hope… for businesses in Belgium, there’s a powerful weapon in our arsenal: the CyberFundamentals Framework from the Centrum for Cybersecurity België (CCB). We, at ACEN, […]

ACEN acer – Yoni Govaerts

Discover the life of a security consultant at IS4U through the eyes of Yoni Govaerts. Learn about his journey from internship to full-time role and his daily tasks with the Keycloak software.

We went to RSA Conference and this is what we noticed

At the beginning of May, we were present at the RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco. Wouter Decruy and Christophe Vereycken, represented ACEN at this cybersecurity event.  The RSA Conference has the reputation of bringing together industry leaders, technology partners, vendors and cybersecurity professionals to explore the newest trends, advancements and innovations in the field. Exploring […]

ACEN acer – Jeroen Hufkens

ACEN Acer - Jeroen Hufkens

Nice to meet you! I’m Jeroen, a security expert at IdentIT. We’re also part of the ACEN Group and we are focused on (Customer) Identity and Access Management (CIAM).

ACEN acer – Alexander van Gils

ACEN Acer - Alexander van Gils

Being a Cybersecurity Consultant at Nynox, part of the ACEN group, has been quite the adventure. From monitoring the environments of customers and confronting cyber incidents to developing strong communication skills in difficult situations, let’s look at the daily life of a cybersecurity professional. Daily Cybersecurity Challenges I’ve been a Security Consultant at IS4U (part of […]

ACEN acer – Jeffrey Van Vyve

ACEN Acer - Jeffrey Van Vyve

Greetings! I’m Jeffrey, Chief Revenue Officer at the ACEN group. Today, I’d like to share a glimpse into my role, the incredible team I work with and my exciting journey at ACEN so far. From call center to sales​ My IS4U (part of the ACEN group) adventure started 2 years ago, but my overall career […]

ACEN acer – Cindy Van den Hoecke

ACEN Acer - Cindy Van den Hoecke

Hello there! I’m Cindy, part of the ACEN group- team and responsible for everything that has to do with recruitment and HR. However, my role is far from monotonous. Let’s dive into my journey at the dynamic ACEN team.

Creating a golden record for an accurate view of customers

In today’s digital age, businesses must strive to provide seamless, personalized experiences to their customers across multiple touchpoints – from websites and mobile apps to social media platforms and more. However, achieving this level of customer-centricity requires a deep understanding of customers’ preferences, behaviors, and needs – and this can only be achieved by having […]

IS4U and NYNOX achieve ISO27001 Certification

Acen - website banner - 1200 x 628 (2)

IS4U recently achieves ISO 27001 certification. ISO what? This certification enables us to demonstrate that our business processes ensure that our customers’, employees’ and partners’ data are all in safe hands. Something that is clearly key to an information security company like IS4U. This certification goes beyond the commonly applied GDPR regulation and in order […]

PAM and glam: how ActWise gets you ready for CyberArk stardom!

Acen - website banner - 1200 x 628

Welcome to the fascinating realm of privileged access management (PAM) and the powerful CyberArk technology. In this digital era, where cyber threats lurk around every corner, securing your organization’s critical assets have never been more crucial.  But do not fear, ActWise, your seasoned implementor of CyberArk solutions, is here to guide you on your journey to PAM excellence. […]