How IS4U Helped AZ Herentals Improve Security and User Convenience in the Hospital.

The healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth in the past decade with an increased use of technology to manage and deliver healthcare services. As such, the need for secure and efficient access to medical applications has become a top priority for hospitals worldwide.

One such hospital is AZ Herentals, which faced been struggling with a complex IT environment where users often used common usernames and passwords, leading to security concerns. To address this issue, the hospital collaborated with IS4U, an IAM Security Specialist, to implement the Imprivata OneSign solution.

Challenge: Integrating Electronic Patient Record System

The challenge for IS4U was to work out a good integration with the electronic patient record system used at AZ Herentals. With the Imprivata OneSign solution, any user can now start authenticating with their badge at any workstation. Once authenticated, they can work under their personal ID on the workstation, and automatically log into different applications through single sign-on with their personal login. This not only ensures patient safety but also reduces the time nurses spend on the computer, allowing them to focus more on direct patient care.

“We implemented the Imprivata OneSign solution within AZ Herentals, any user can now start authenticating with their badge at any workstation. The result is they can now focus on what matters, taking care of their patients” 

– Richard den Houdijker, IAM Security Specialist at IS4U

Solution: How IS4U Helped Implement Imprivata OneSign

IS4U’s expertise in the complexity of hospital environments and their proposed solution was critical in ensuring a seamless integration. The collaboration was highly productive, with all pre-agreed objectives met. The biggest benefit of the collaboration was the solution to two issues: security concerns with shared accounts and user convenience. The solution allowed nurses to authenticate into their workstations much faster, reducing the time spent on the computer and allowing them to provide better patient care.

Result: Improved Workflow and Quality of Patient Care with Imprivata

The successful integration of the Imprivata OneSign solution has paved the way for future collaborations between AZ Herentals and IS4U. Mobile devices, medical devices, and an integration with Office 365 are next on the roadmap. By working together, hospitals and IT solution providers can provide secure and efficient access to medical applications, leading to better patient care and outcomes.

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