UZ Leuven counts on Nynox to protect sensitive patient data

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The core business of UZ Leuven is taking care of its patients. While doctors and nurses are saving lives, the IT department is responsible to keep patients’ health records safe by protecting the hospital’s many assets, such as computers. The endpoint solution in place to meet this goal was due for an update. That’s where […]

How IS4U streamlined and secured the registration for UZ Brussel’s PrimUZ Patient Portal

To give patients access to their own patient data about upcoming or past consultations, information concerning medication or vaccination, and so on, UZ Brussel developed the PrimUZ patient portal. UZ Brussel and its partner hospitals wanted to guarantee a smooth, secure and reliable registration as well as multiple login options. They counted on IS4U, the Identity […]

IS4U was selected by Sciensano to work out the analysis, architecture and implementation of a complete access management solution.

Sciensano is a federal research institute and the national public health institute of Belgium. Sciensano employs more than 700 people who commit themselves, every day, to achieve their motto: “Healthy all life long”. Sciensano can count on the more than 100 years of scientific expertise of the former Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (CODA-CERVA) and […]

How IS4U Helped AZ Herentals Improve Security and User Convenience in the Hospital.

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The healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth in the past decade with an increased use of technology to manage and deliver healthcare services. As such, the need for secure and efficient access to medical applications has become a top priority for hospitals worldwide. One such hospital is AZ Herentals, which faced been struggling with a […]